Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Italian Job

Bread with Pesto alla Genovese & Rosemary

There was a jar of Green Pesto in the fridge. I used it for pasta and pizza filling and there was still a bit left in the jar. It had been neglected for a while and it was about time to use it up. So why not for bread?
As always, I prepared basic bread which contained 400g strong white and 100g strong whole meal flour, as well as 2 tablespoons of porridge oats. Oats are really good for you, and give bread an extra chewy texture.
I flattened the dough after the first proving, and spread the pesto, before rolling it up, like making Swiss roll. Then, I stuck some pieces of rosemary into the loaf. It smelled amazing when I was baking it, like being in an Italian restaurant. When it came from the oven, the pesto was slightly oozing out and the oil gave the bread an extra crunch. Ahh, the taste was incredible. I ate the most of the loaf for lunch, since it really should be eaten when it is still warm.

This bread would go nicely with a chilled glass of wine.  Happy days.