Thursday, 5 April 2012

Gâteau aux noix et au café

Here is a cake to impress. Well.. I'm more of a rustic baker, but I have tried to do more intricate work this time.
This is basically a classic coffee and walnut loaf cake, but when I was decorating it with coffee icing, I thought to myself, I could give this cake a classier name - French, perhaps? Sounds better, doesn't it? So, I checked Google Translate and got "Gâteau noyer" which, apparently means "Walnut Tree Cake". Without knowing this silly mistake I published this title on my Redbubble site. But a trusted Twitter friend corrected my mistake soon after she visited my site. Phew - So now it is officially "Gâteau aux noix et au café" (coffee and walnut cake).
Believe it or not, it is actually a low-fat cake. I use low-fat spread instead of butter. I ignore the statement on the low-fat spread tub, "not suitable for baking", because it works well. However, I have to reduce the amount of liquid in the mixture as the low-fat spread contains more water than normal spread.  The result is lovely, moist and guilt free....(I didn't mean gluten free).
This is a coffee version of  my Low-Fat Lemon Cake. I use soft brown sugar instead of caster sugar to give a rich and deep flavour. I also add very strong cofffee which is made with two tablespoons of warm water and espresso coffee powder instead of milk. Chopped walnuts are added instead of lemon zest.