Friday, 6 April 2012

Eggs in Pots" from The Little Paris Kitchen

Rachel Khoo is a inspirational food writer and cook in Paris. I really enjoyed her first TV cookery show in BBC in March/April 2012. She is creative, fun and cute. :)  I love her polka-dot dresses in various colours when she is appearing on TV. Apparently she has a bit of a polka dot obsession (at least 8 dresses/skirts in her wardrobe) almost as bad as the Japanese artist, Yayoi Kusama... so she says.  
Anyway, she looks great in polka-dot gear.    
In  "The Little Paris Kitchen" Episode 2, she visited one of her favourite bakeries Du Pain et Des Idees in Paris. 
I remember that I visited many bakeries when I was browsing Paris for the first time. Pity that I couldn't spot this famous Du Pain et Des Idees.    For me, tasting various kinds of bread was the reason why I wanted to visit Paris. Believe it or not, I used to be a member of The Japan Bread Appreciation Society called パンの会. ... haha, sounds a bit nerdy, doesn't it? 
Anyway, this video is a part of "Little Paris Kitchen" Episode 2 and she introduces how to make the most of your lovely bread.  So, here it is! I used Cumin which was one of her suggested spices and sprinkled dried herbs on top. It was really yummy with Pam's Staple Bread
Definitely, this "Eggs in Pots" is a perfect way of enjoying your freshly baked bread.
c'est tout  ....  that's it.