Saturday, 5 May 2012

Chocolate and Walnut Swirl Bread

Fancy a slice of sweet bread? 
How about Chocolate and Walnut Swirl Bread?

I noticed a large jar of chocolate spread hanging around in the cupboard when I was waiting for my bread dough to be proven. I thought to myself, why not use half of the bread dough for sweet bread.  I normally make 2 loaves with my basic bread recipe. 
So, I left one half for normal bread and I had fun with the other half. I made the second half of the dough flat and spread 3 generous spoonfuls of  chocolate spread on the dough. Then I sprinkled chopped walnuts and rolled the dough as if making Swiss roll. I put both the normal loaf and this sweet loaf in the oven, then baked as usual.
A great weekend lunch with home-baked bread, ham and cheese, then this sweet bread for desert.
Why not? It's the weekend after all. :) :)