Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Japanese job

Japanese Red Basil Bread
I like Japanese food though I don't cook Japanese food as much as I should, maybe.
My sister in Japan and my Japanese friend in the UK sometimes give me Japanese food. Believe it or not, I've never bought Japanese food in the UK although a range of products are now available in supermarkets.  Here is bread baked with Japanese dried red basil flakes which had been forgotten in the cupboard. These flakes are a mixture of dried red basil and salt which are the essential ingredients for making Japanese pickled sour plums, which are popular with rice in Japan.

As pickled plums are a traditional filling for onigiri, riceballs, this salty red basil is also popular for onigiri.
Red basil flakes are great just sprinkled on top of a bowl of rice.
So, I thought to myself, why not put red basil in bread?  Here is Japanese red basil bread.

More about Japanese basil

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